Non-profit - Application

Non-profit Application

Proof of non-profit status must be included with your application in order to be eligible for funding.

Electronic and facsimile submissions will not be considered.

Fill Out & Print

*Specific projects are preferred, however if you are requesting funding for general operating expenses, please complete the remainder of this application to the best of your ability. Your focus should be on how your organization benefits the individuals you serve.

In-Kind Donation:

Please attach the following items to your application.

  1. Most recent financial statement showing income, expenses and funding sources.
  2. Proof of non-profit status.
  3. Program budget (if applicable).

You may also attach:

  1. Organization brochures
  2. Photos/charts
  3. Letters of support

The information contained herein and attached to this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby acknowledge that any funding received from Cancer Warrior Inc. must be expended as I have represented in this application and according to any requirements set by Cancer Warrior Inc. and according to the guidelines. I agree that if funds are not expended accordingly, in the opinion of Cancer Warrior Inc., said funds will be returned to Cancer Warrior Inc. within ten (10) days from the date Cancer Warrior Inc. demands such.

Nicole Sanko

Cancer Warrior Inc.
4824 Denaro Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135

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