Empowering Your Choice


Funding from your donation(s) empowers and expands treatment choices oftentimes limited by insurance coverage. This may increase a person's chance of survival, while allowing them to avoid insurmountable debt. By donating now, you empower those suffering with cancer to choose what is best for them as they fight this life-threatening disease.

Cancer warrior inc. Distributes funds directly to health care providers on behalf of qualified individual applicant(s) battling cancer.

Feeling The Power

The power of helping other people is a wondrous thing. However, to truly feel that wonder as deeply as you should, then you have to make some connection with the people that you’re helping.

My own experience with battling cancer was eye-opening. Regardless of the fact that I was forced with making life and death decisions, as well as coping with my diagnosis both mentally and physically, I soon found myself in a profound situation…

Even cancer has dollar signs attached to it.

Imagine a situation where your existence and health is dependent on the size of your wallet and the medical care that you can afford.

How much money would you be willing to spend to save your life? How much would you be willing to save the life of another?

It seems a silly question. Life is the most valuable gift we are presented with and the answer to those questions would almost always be “any amount of money that would be necessary.” However, for most people, “any amount of money” is not always what is available.

The specter of death for those with cancer and without the means to attain the right treatment is the most frustrating.

That’s where the power of “us” comes into play and why Cancer Warrior, Inc. was founded.

I wanted to be able to harness the power of masses to help treat those with cancer that need help doing so.

Donation Frustration

The type of donations and charity that most people are accustomed to are the nameless, faceless variety that is so common.

People who want to do good and help others are forced to put their faith into others that the money they intend to be used to help is actually getting to the people who need it the most.

It’s frustrating to think that our donation may not be going to the people who need it the most and then not knowing who we actually helped or that we made a difference.

That is another reason I started Cancer Warrior, Inc. I wanted to not only provide people with cancer the chance to fight and survive this monstrous disease, but to also give those who donate the peace of mind that their money is making a life or death difference in those who are receiving the help.

My goal is to help bring people together. I want to help join those who want to help to those who need help and then putting a name and face to each of them so that there is a deep connection that would not normally exist in these situations.

I can tell you from my battle with cancer that I was able to defeat an aggressive, stage IIIB metastatic uterine cancer because of the generosity of those who donated to my medical treatment needs.

Because of people like you, I was able to fight, defeat and win the battle with cancer. I plan to help others become victorious, cancer warriors in their battle, and I am asking that you assist me in doing so.

You And I

There is almost nothing in this world that can be done alone anymore. While communication has made the world a smaller place, it has also become a lot bigger and more dangerous in many ways as well.

The healthcare system and professionals, while highly effective and talented, is hampered in its own way with large costs for training, equipment, insurance, treatments and medicines.

Make no mistake about it: Even in the battle with cancer those costs are handed down to the customer, the patient.

That’s where you and I can come in and help so greatly.

By pooling the power of “us," we can help other people who, in fact, are “us," too. Remember, the world is smaller, and that should bring the community of the world closer. As the world develops and changes, it will become ever more important to come together as one people and help each other.

Imagine the difference that we can make in a person’s life when they are convinced that they are going to lose their battle with cancer because they don’t have enough money to be treated? Most people were born fighters. No one wants to die from sickness.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that most people are that warrior that they need to be to defeat cancer. What they most often lack are the weapons. The money to get the treatment they need to do the battle.

We can provide those weapons and that assistance to our Cancer Warrior Community. We can pool our resources, donate just a small amount and provide that assistance to those who need it.

Together we can arm the warriors to fight the battle with cancer, and they can be victorious with our help.